Pastor's Pen, November 2012

 "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  That’s what Maya Angelou once wrote. Ever since I first read her words, I’ve appreciated her ability to express such deep and powerful truths. I think there are some lessons in those words for any community of faith.  

If it’s true that people will never forget how you (we) made them feel, then let’s be sure that we make people feel welcome when they come to worship. One of our core values states that “we value friendliness.” I’m glad to say that we do a good job at being friendly and making people feel welcome.  We’re not perfect.  But we try and we seek to learn new ways to fulfill our core value of friendliness.

Let’s make people feel loved. This may be a little harder task, but one that Christ commands us to do.  Jesus taught us to love others as ourself.  Each of us is gifted by God in unique ways.  Let’s use our uniqueness to convey Christ’s love—send notes, offer genuine smiles, share kind words, show genuine concern for each other.  All of that and more, simple as it may be, makes a difference to people.

Let’s help people feel accepted by Christ and us.  Our world seems to get smaller everyday, so we live in a more global society than ever before with a great diversity our nation has experienced like no other time. That diversity presents a challenge, but a challenge we are called to embrace as Christians.  Just as Jesus reached out to the outcast, the oppressed, those on the fringe of society, we too are commanded to embrace them as Jesus did.  Some will be like us.  Many will be different.  But all, including us are loved by Christ.  

Let’s be the difference makers in our world, nation, and community for Christ.

Come join us for worship each Sunday as we live out what it means to be Christ followers!


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