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CBF Hurricane Sandy Response

A Tangible Way to Respond (from KBF)

We learned of a way for churches and individuals to respond to the needs on the East Coast, working through CBF's partnership with Metro Baptist Church in New York City.
Tangible Ways to Help in New York City
from Chris Boltin, CBF Short Term Assignments/Partnerships Manager  
This morning I was able to speak by phone with Tiffany Henkel who serves as the Pastor/ Executive Director of Metro Baptist Church/ Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries in New York. They are grateful for our partnership and have already begun their own short term response to their community. They have been providing some hot meals, snack bags, and cell phone charging stations. As we shared I asked what specific things could congregations and individuals do to assist. In addition to welcomed prayers and monetary donations, Tiffany mentioned three specific collection type projects that would be of GREAT benefit.  
Although this church has a year round ministry to utilize these items ( as well as clothes and canned food), their supplies are low. (Actually Tiffany said that they have already exhausted their supply of many items and they have their first food pantry tomorrow.) Items needed: travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, lotions, tissues, and Chapstick.  
Metro has been offering "snack bags" to people who come to the center. These are simple bags filled with portable snacks.Items needed: packs of crackers, chips, raisins, breakfast bars, granola bars, juice boxes, etc.  

This is also a critical need area, especially with Winter upon them. Items needed: heavy coats (larger sizes are especially needed because most people are layering their clothing), gloves, socks, hats, sweaters, scarves, and men's pants (totally out of this item.)  
This would be a great project for an entire congregation, a youth group, or a Sunday school class. All items should be boxed up and mailed directly to Metro. Please mail all items to:  
Metro Baptist Church  
c/o Tiffany Henkel  
410 West 40th Street  
New York, NY 10018  
Grace and peace,
Joshua Speight
Associate Coordinator for Missions
Kentucky Baptist Fellowship