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Rabat, Morocco Time

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October 14

Our Morocco team is home

October 13

Packed up and ready for our last day in Rabat. I have met so many wonderful people from around the world: Congo, Cameroon, ivory coast, Ethiopia, Germany, Australia, Nigeria, etc... I am forever changed.


such a hard day leaving Rabat! i can't put into words the amazing connections i have many with so many people!


Watching LABC say goodbye to their church partners - their family - in Rabat, I am witnessing a genuine love and concern for one another as we talk about in the Bible. This KBF/EEAM partnership is perhaps the most beautiful ministry experience I am privileged to share in. Thanks be to God.

--Josh Speight [KBF Associate Coordinator]

Great to be working with Kentuckians and EEAMians in Rabat this week, even if voice is shot. Thanks for coming, all y'all!

--Karen Thomas Smith

October 12

Well my week with our friends in Rabat is coming to an end. It's been an incredible experience and I don't look forward to saying goodbye. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts this week. They have been felt.


My last night in Morocco; thanks for all the prayers! Such a great expirence and couldn't have asked for better support!


I miss my Kentucky family so much. My heart is also heavy to say goodbye to my African family.tomorrow will be a sad day.


October 11

Our first day of Bible study in Rabat with 45 Nigerian refugee women and children was exhausting, challenging, and life-giving. One of the beautiful children of God we were blessed to spend time with today is in the picture. We are tired, but mostly well. We appreciate your prayers for us as we near the conclusion of our trip. --Josh Speight (Associate Coordinator for Missions, Kentucky Baptist Fellowship)

This afternoon the team begins leading Bible School with refugee women and children. The theme is the parable of the Good Samaritan. Women and children will rotate through five activities: Bible study, Biblio-drama (acting out the story), Arts & Crafts, Recreation and Snacks/Manicures, and Music. Dianne leads the Bible study team. Callie is on the Bible study team. Tara leads the Arts and Crafts team. Kelsey and Laken are on the Art team. Carolyn is on the music team. Brenda is helping take care of the babies. Others from the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship group have now joined the LABC team in Rabat to help lead Bible school.

October 10

On Monday, Callie and I went to visit a refugee's home, M. She was so sweet and so appreciative of us coming. She has 5 children. One of the sons, U, is 18 and an incredible artist! He had his works on the walls. Unbelievable work! He has given most of his pieces to friends and family then thrown the rest away because he didn't have the room to store them. When we left, we both felt like there has got to be a way to help them sell his work. So we talked to Jean Marie and he helped us make a contact. To make a long story short, he came to the church today with some of his pieces and we all bought stuff!! They were so appreciative and happy! --Dianne

The teachers mtg went very well. Tara is working on painting a mural in the children's SS room! She's so excited! [Tara, Carolyn, and Dianne led a workshop for Sunday School teachers at the Rabat church]

Brenda has now met Christiano's girlfriend. She is here at the catholic center [the Team is staying at a Catholic Center from Wednesday through Saturday] with us. She's from Ethiopia and adorable. Brenda hasn't stopped talking to her yet. Ha!

October 9

We went to refugee homes yesterday. The 18 yr old son was an incredible artist!!!!!! I'm trying to figure out a way to purchase his works. They were amazing! Last night Kelsey and I ate dinner with Camille [associate pastor] and Maguey with another couple friend. They were precious!!

I've eaten til I can't eat any more!!! The driving is crazy!!! I'm not sure why there are lines down the middle of the road! Ha!

Right now we are at the mega mall with wi fi. We are all on our phones. Everyone is well. We have made some wonderful memories! Carolyn got a henna tattoo, against her will. Callie prayed 3 times yesterday out loud in groups! Brenda told a taxi driver she loved him, unknowingly! Ha! Plus many more stories! The women here seem to really appreciate us being here.

Gotta go. Our pizza is here. Tell everyone we are well.


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October 8

The team briefly had access to the internet today. Here are a couple of reports:

today has been a busy day we visited in the homes of refugees and participated in a women's study group now we are headed to dinner with church members -- Callie

we are doing very well

eating lots of good food and tons of bread

these are beautiful people

worship was great

carolyn and i went to ann marie's house for lunch yesterday, beautiful

today we visited refugee families' homes

we are on our way to have dinner --Dianne

October 6

Reports on Facebook


We are with our friends at the Rabat church. They fed us a wonderful meal of turkey, dumplins, salad, and rice. now we are planning worship service for in the morning. we are tired and dirty, but we are happy and blessed!

(Saturday evening 10/6 in Rabat; Afternoon in Danville)


just want friends and family to know that we are all here safe and sound in Rabat, Morocco! We do not have internet service so you will have to wait til return to hear all the wonderful stories and details! We are soaking it all in! What a blessing it is to share with Christian friends. Wish you were here! (10/6)


Hey family and friends i am at the rabat church in morocco right now with wonderful host. (10/6)