Who is My Neighbor? (Brenda Farmer)

Thoughts of Morocco: Wrapping the question around my mind, “Who is my neighbor?”

My thoughts of “Healing Hands” kept running through my mind for weeks before leaving for Morocco.
Carolyn and I were to do manicures and pedicures and chair massages for the African refugee women.  Healing Hands….Jesus’s healing hands.  Jesus was not afraid to “touch” the hurt, afflicted, sick and oppressed.

His love was shown time and again through the laying of His hands on those who needed healing of whatever their dilemma may have been. Well, plans changed and our spa was cancelled…..until God took control and on Friday the laying on of hands began. What a beautiful sight: Wome—who who were weary of a life they did not choose plus the taking care of many children—being shown the love of our wonderful Jesus Christ through personal touch. I believe with all my heart that it is so very important to show our love through personal touch. I am so thankful for the opportunity to say to these ladies that “I love you”, through the grace of our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus told us that the most important commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind, and the second most important is to love our neighbor.  Well, who is our neighbor?

Is it:  
•    Those who live in your neighborhood, across town, out in the county…..Nada?  Those of our country, or to those on a continent far away?

Is it:
•    A church 5000 miles away that loves us and those that God has put in their path to minister to.
•    A student from sub-Saharan Africa in Morocco to study for a college degree.
•    A migrant that has walked across the Sahara dessert looking for a better life than the killing fields in their homeland?
•    A refugee who escaped death and in their native country and is now in exile and can never return to their country, family and friends for fear of execution?

Is it:
•    The Nigerian Women who thought they were being brought to Morocco for good jobs only to find there are no jobs?

•    Femi whose hands are callused from washing clothes by hand, knots in her back from carrying her baby on her back while walking long distances, her hand  that is indented by a dirham from holding it so tightly so no one will take it from her while begging in front of the Mosque?

Is it:        
•    The baby named, “God’s Time”, whose warm sweet breath you feel on your face as he sleeps against your breast?

Is it:   
•    The Moroccan women pushing their disabled children through the rush hour traffic begging for monetary help?

•    The young mother with twin sons who wanted someone to take one of them home with us because she has no hope……saying, “they will not make it…”? They will all die because she cannot take care of them and herself.

Is it:  
•    Patrick?  My friend and Mama Sue’s e-mail friend who may have to have surgery on his throat?

•    The Moroccan taxicab driver, working for meager pay to support his family?

Is it:  
•    The little girl with no arms or legs who sits in a basket on a busy sidewalk  begging as hundreds of people hurriedly walk past turning their faces away so they don’t have to look into her eyes?

•    Is it, Wisdom? Is it, Success?  Is it, Good Luck?  Is it, Happy?  Precious?  God’s Will?  Just some of the names of the children.  Positive names to represent the hope that their children will have a better life than themselves.

So, I ask you…. Who is your neighbor?   WHO is your neighbor?

Let us all be more like the Good Samaritan and not the Priest or Levite who turned away from the beaten man and walked on by.  

Brenda Farmer
Lexington Avenue Baptist Church
Danville, KY 40422