Pastor's Pen, October 2012

Robert Greenleaf wrote, “Everyone, at some time and in some areas, is a follower.”  That’s an important truth for us to understand, especially as Christians.  It reminds us of the reality that every day Jesus calls us to come and to follow him.

Three hundred years ago in a monastery in France, Brother Lawrence discovered the secret to joyful living in his relationship with Christ.  As a result he found great happiness and fulfillment in even the most menial and mundane of his daily tasks.  Part of that joy was discovered in his complete reliance upon God.  He prayed once, “Lord I cannot do this unless you enable me.”

Even today the words of Brother Lawrence have meaning for us as Christians.  It is not a closely held secret, nor is it knowledge beyond our grasp.  The Bible teaches us that in all things we are to rely upon God.  Yet, so often, we set off to accomplish things on our own without pausing to seek God’s direction and his leadership.  

We can accomplish much more with a dependence upon the living Lord.   And what’s more, like Brother Lawrence, we can discover a happiness and joy in the living of our lives.  Join me for worship this Sunday as we learn to rely more and more on the living Lord.

With His Grace,


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