Thank You Notes, January 2012

Dear LABC family,  

How wonderful that I have a caring church family who has sent many thoughts and prayers my way as I recuperate.
Thank you very much for your cards and phone calls
Natalie Monroe

Lexington Avenue Baptist,

Your generous gift is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for all your kindness and caring!  God bless each and everyone!

Love Leslie Grey & Shelby

We would like to thank all of you who have been so willing to help decorate our church for Christmas. Your efforts are appreciated by us and I’m sure by the congregation you help to transform our sanctuary at this beautiful time of year.

David & Elizabeth Bibb
Phil & Doris Burton
Bernard & Carolyn Montgomery
Greg & Donna Schepman
William Harris
Phil Quinn (his speciality is hanging the swags onto the organ pipes)
Thank You,
Gary & Betty Hensley

Dear Lexington Avenue,    

During December, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky students have been active in their churches and other places of Christian ministry. They have shared the “good news of a great joy” about Jesus in pulpits, cantatas/music programs, Sunday School classes, food pantries, homeless shelters, and in a host of other ways. Thank you for making possible the ongoing preparation of these ministers of the Gospel.
You helped make December 2011 the Seminary’s best December in our 10 year history. We reached a monthly total of $74, 859 in gifts from individuals and churches for the Annual Fund (budget). Your gift made a wonderful difference!
This is significant because the final month of the calendar year includes certain year-end expenses that require more than average giving. December gifts allowed us to meet all of last month’s financial obligations but with very little let over. We are grateful for your support and this good ending to 2011.
I hope you had a marvelous Christmas and that the new year will also bring regular reminders of God’s Good News in Jesus the Christ. Please pray for our students and continue to support them with gifts to the Seminary.

Greg C. Earwood

Dear Friends of Book-Link International,
Thank you for your donation of materials to BOOK-LINK international, INC. We deeply appreciate your support of this very important on-going mission project. Without your support, this mission project would not exist.
JESUS said, “If you have done it onto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto ME.”  (Matthew 25:40)
BOOK-LINK received nine pounds of materials from you that will be shipped to needy fellow Baptists overseas very soon. It requires 40 cents per pound to ship our materials to a foreign country. If you can help with the cost of shipping, we will greatly appreciate it. If you have already donated funds for shipping, thank you very much.
We give GOD all the praise, honor, and glory for what will be accomplished through these precious materials. Only God knows how many lives will be changed forever through the use of these materials.
Thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours in HIS Service,
Olin Williams, Executive Director

Dear LABC Family,
THANK YOU!!! Your Christmas love offering helped me upgrade my phone so I can have “face time” with our missionary daughter, Sharon, in Budapest! We’re both so excited that we can see each other when we talk now . Thank you for your generosity at Christmas and always. It is a true joy to make music for a church family that appreciates what we do and how hard we work. Thank you for all the encouragement, hugs, kind words, and individual expressions of appreciation. You are all truly family and I love you all!!

Martha Robertson

To My Lexington Avenue Baptist Church Family,
I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for the generous Christmas love offering. Thank you for the many cards, goodies, and gifts you gave. Thank you for all you did to make this Advent/Christmas season special--your music and other contributions to worship, all the hard work decorating, practicing, and preparing, the Advent devotionals you wrote, and the general Christlike Christmas spirit you share.
I Am Blessed, Keith

Thank you LABC family for the generous love offering.  I appreciate you.
Once again,  I want to thank all of the children and volunteers for being part of Miracle on Main street.  The play consisted of a group of children who would not give up on performing their play in front of a large group proclaiming their faith and spreading the true meaning of Christmas. In my opinion the LABC children are ready for the big time when it comes to their acting skills. However, I know there was not acting involved on that Sunday Night of the musical because each of the children celebrate Jesus and joyfully proclaim their faith without hesitation. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and sharing your Christmas spirit. Thank you for the gift to our congregation.
Love, Tara

Thanks to all who have participated in worship during the Advent Season- from the children’s choirs to the instruments, the Christmas Choir, Handbell Choir, Sound System operators, candle-lighters, Scripture readers, soloists, and yes, Tommy, even the preacher, we say thank you for working so hard to make our worship special.

A special word of thanks to all of our Salvation Army bell-ringers for their service this year. I want you to know that we made our $90,000 budget (with a little extra).

Our bell-ringers included the following:
David & Elizabeth Bibb
Quince & Patty Arnold
Ernest & Ferne Martin
Farris & Connie Mason
Paul & Maureen Elwyn
Dr. Warren & Janet Nash
John & Hazel Evans
Carl & Michelle Smith
Kathleen Brewsaugh
Humphrey Ballou
Bob Rankin and his bell-ringers
Bernard Montgomery
Dr. Tommy Valentine
Mary Lou Vaught
Donna Pierce
Katie Fowler
Ernest & Kitty Baird
Dr. Bob & Atha Stigall
Greg & Donna Schepman
Bill & Liz Peniston
Danny & Joanna Lay
The Youth Ministers, Kyle Bottoms, Justin Johnson, and Kelsey Stillwell and the youth bell-ringers:
Hannah Sims
Shante Glover
Megan Rice
Tessa Caton
David Valentine
Kate Valentine.
Again, thanks for the joy that you brought into the lives of many people.
Kenneth Wall
Member of the Advisory Board   

Many thanks for my Christmas packet--particularly the Advent meditations, which were excellent.
Katherine Orton

[Note: This is in reference to the Neighborhood Christmas Outreach packets we delivered on November 30, 2011]

The family of Delores Goggans thanks all of you for your sympathy and support. Delores truly loved her church family, especially her Ruth Sunday School class.