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September 30-October 10

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Trip Itinerary:

Friday, Sept. 30: 5:45 pm - Depart Cincinnati, OH Airport

Saturday, Oct. 1: 2:10 pm - Arrive Casablanca, Morocco; Dinner with leaders from Protestant Church of Morocco (EEAM) & International Aid Committee (CEI)

Sunday, Oct. 2: Worship at Casablanca; Dinner with CEI team

Monday, Oct. 3: Travel to Oujda; Lunch in Fez; Meet with Oujda CEI team

Tuesday, Oct. 4: Visit Oujda, observe work

Wednesday, Oct. 5: Travel to Rabat; Meet scholarship recipients and dinner with German delegation

Thursday, Oct. 6: Meet with German & French Partners at Anne-Marie’s home; visit Rabat CEI partners

Friday, Oct.: Medical discussion; Worship/workshop

Saturday, Oct. 8: Tourism in Rabat; Program and Dinner by Rabat Church

Sunday, Oct. 9: Worship with Rabat Church (Keith preaching); Depart for Casablanca; Final debriefing

Monday, Oct. 10: 6:35 am - Depart Mohammad V Airport; 7:54 pm - Arrive Cincinnati Airport