Thank You Notes, October 2011

Dear Staff and Friends,
   It makes a smile come to me when I receive the prayer card from you, that you still remember me and a sadness too. When I remember all my friends, of course there are people that I do not know-glad to know there are new people in the church. Marie writes me every week and keeps me up to date about what is happening at LABC and the local news. I enjoy my church here and it is very similar to LABC. My pastor is Mike Suphurt. He was youth director in Frankfort Ky. Take care. I love you.
Edna Pollard

Dear LABC family

Thank you so much for the prayers, cards, visits and words of encourangement you have given Lester and Me. We are blessed to have such a loving church family.

After my accident and total hip replacement, Lester and I spent 30 days at McDowell Place so I could recover. I am doing well and we are home.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers

Onilee Lawless

I am indeed grateful for every act of kindness shown me after my second fall. I have missed being with my church family. I long to get back for all the services again soon.

Eloise Roberts

October 17, 2011

Dear Keith,

Thank you for your congregation’s contribution to the refugee care kits for partners le’Eglise Evangelique au Maroc (EEAM) in Morocco. Your generosity, combined with eight other congregations, allowed KBF to send over 400 pounds of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and aspirin for people living in desparate situations in Morocco.

EEAM will use these kits as they minister to the migrants and refugees living in Morocco. They will help provide very basic needs and allow the congregations of the EEAM to continue to share the love of Jesus with our brothers and sisters from sub-Saharan Africa.

We at KBF continue to appreciate your support. Thank you for continuing to partner with the EEAM in Morocco.

Grace and peace,
Joshua M. Speight Associate Coordinator for Missions, KBF

Thanks to everyone that worked "Soups On Us" Saturday. (October 8) Also, we would like to thank the delivery people, especially the ones who delivered to  two different routes.

David & Elizabeth Bibb

Dear Lexington Avenue Baptst Church members,
Thank you so very much for the get well card and your prayers. I hope to go home tomorrow or the next day.

Dorothy Johnson

Again, thank you to everyone for making "Soups On Us" Saturday such a great success. The response of our church family for this mission effort, shows the true heart of LABC. For all who cooked, cleaned, carried; thank you.

For your support and God's blessings,
Stephanie Griffin, Doris Cessna, Kathy White

Thanks for the support you showed to our family during Ronnie's illness. We appreciate the pryaers cards, calls and food more than can be expressed in words.

The Logue Family

Thank you for all the beautiful cards, visits, phone calls and prayers for Linda and I since the death of my brother Bill. It has certainly been a comfort to me and my family.

Allen Knight

Dear LABC friends,
We are deeply appreciative of all the good thoughts, prayers, food, visits, and cards that Judith has received during her recent spine surgery and recovery. She is making good progress in getting back to her old self. She still has some hurdles to cross, so we ask for your continued prayers. We are greatly blessed by the kindnesses of our church family. May god continue to bless our church in the wonderful way that He has.
In Christ,
Judith and Philip Leasure

Dear Lexington Avenue Baptist Church,
Thank you for your financial contribution to EEAM to support Loic’s tuition in Morocco. Your generous gift combined with the help of other Kentuckians and the efforts of our friends in Morocco allowed Loic to take his comprehensive exams in order to graduate this year.
Your love and care for Loic was felt by him. Thank you for continuing to care not only for Loic, but for all of our dear friends we have encountered along the way through our partnership with EEAM in Morocco.

Grace and peace,
Joshua M. Speight
Associate Coordinator for Missions Kentucky Baptist Fellowship

It has been a joy and privilege to serve as deacon in Lexington Avenue Baptist Church. As the first woman ordained, I feel I have helped pave the way for the ordination of other women.

Thanks to my church family for the recognition as Deacon Emeritus. I am humbled and honored by this recognition and covet your prayers as we continue to work together in this great church.
Evelyn Crooke

Members of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church
Families First and the Danville Schools would like to thank you for your donation to the students of our school district. Your donation will definitely be used to help in removing barriers that our kids face on a daily basis.

God Bless,
Anna Houston