Thank You Notes, August 2011

Thank you to everyone involved in the Sunday School Appreciation Breakfast. It meant so much and was inspiring.

Kathleen Brewsaugh

I have deeply appreciated the prayers and thoughtfulness of your church family. Thank you to everyone who has followed us on this journey. Your kindness was appreciated.

Sandy & Mitch Ragle

Members of The Lexington Avenue Baptist Church

Dear Friends:  

It’s a special honor for the Ephraim McDowell Health Care Foundation to participate in the 2011 glocal Missions Fair at your church. We have a bond with you, since may of your members have contributed immeasurably to our nonprofit organization’s development--including Dr. Harry Nickens, our immediate past president. In addition, your church’s regular gifts have benefited our Hope Clinic & Pharmacy and our Chaplain’s Discretionary Fund--making real differences in the lives of our patients, associates and the communities we serve. Thank you so much.
Foundation records indicate that, from October 2009 thru July 2011, your congregation has given $3,179 to the Hope Clinic & Pharmacy, plus $500 to our Chaplain’s fund. There may even be contributions of which I am unaware.
But consistent support like yours has helped our free clinic/pharmacy serve hundreds of low-income, uninsured, chronically ill patients who struggle during these tough economic times. Indeed, this use of your mission dollars is a wise investment--as evidenced by the fact that the Danville/Boyle county Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky Hospital Association and American Hospital Association have all given impact awards to the Hope Clinic & Pharmacy. These honors confirm that what you support locally is considered of value on local, state and national levels.
Your contributions have also helped our Chaplain’s Fund to grow. Gifts designated for this service have bourgeoned from a three-year average of $10,290 a year to over $43,000 during the current fiscal year. The Rev. Dale Denton, our chaplain, distributes these monies. He works in conjunction with EMH’s department directors and its human-resources personnel to identify individuals in need and to select appropriate ways to help them. So the mission money you share with us has enormous impact on the well-being of families who may literally be your neightbors, your co-workers or your friends.
For helping us serve others, therefore, I remain,

Most appreciatively,
Randall E. Green
Executive Director

I personally want to thank Keith and all those involved for the Missions Fair on Sunday, July 31. The twenty-plus displays were both inspiring and informative. I consider myself an active member of LABC but, frankly,  we are engaged in some missions projects that I did not know about. It is a privilege to be a member of a church that is so missional minded. Hopefully, a Missions Fair will be an annual project of our church.

Evelyn Crooke

Thank you to everyone for making Soups On Us Saturday such a great success. The overwhelming response of our church family, for this mission effort, shows the true heart of LABC. With prayers and excitement we look forward to future Soups On Us Saturdays...

For Your Support and God's blessings,
Many, Many thanks

Stephanie Griffin
Doris Cessna
Kathy White

Dear LABC family,

Thank you so much for the cards, prayers and words of encouragement that were shared with me during the loss of my father. The love and support of my church family have truly  helped see me through a very difficult time.

In Christ,
Chip Minks & family

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, calls & cards during Phil's hospital stay. Church family means so much.


Phil & Doris Burton