Children's News - August

Sunday School
We will continue our summer rotations until promotion Sunday on Labor Day weekend, September 4.Our Bible story for the month of August will be Ruth. Seventh Graders will move up to the Youth Sunday School department on the 21st.

Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers for the upcoming year in the Nursery and Extended Session. Please call Gail or let Tara know if you can be added to our list of caregivers.

Church Steakout, Wednesday, August 31, 6:30 p.m.
Bring a friend. There will be games for kids!!!

Thank You
Thank you to all of the families who have participated in the children’s ministry activities this summer. The summer has gone by so fast. However, we have had may chances to spend time together and continue to bond as a faith family. Thank you again to the parents for your faithful commitment to bringing your children to the programs. Have a wonderful school year! Tara

Children’s Musical: Miracle on Main Street
On September 7th we will begin our Wednesday night meals and activities. On Wednesday nights we will be rehearsing for a Christmas musical. Various parts and solos will be given to your children. It is crucial that your children be here on Wednesday nights to prepare for the musical in December. We will need an abundance of volunteers to have a successful musical. If you are willing to be leader for drama, props, music, or even direct, please call Tara Farmer. I would like to have a meeting before September 7 with leaders to have an organized plan for Wednesday nights.
A Christmas without Jesus is like giving a present with no gift inside. The Little Pageant That Wouldn't Give Up! An engaging script and upbeat blend of new songs with traditional carols chronicle the dilemma of a group of children who celebrate Christmas  and joyfully proclaim their faith.