Pastor's Pen, June 2011

Recently we recognized our children for their involvement in our Wednesday evening children’s activities.  Watching the children share that evening about what they had learned and listening as they sang songs was a wonderful experience. They are an active and enthusiastic group. I have long felt that children have much to teach us about life and faith—take time to play, jump, shout, laugh, cry, and be curious about each new experience that comes your way. Pretty good lessons if you think about them.

All this reminded me of something I read a few years back--adults on average laugh 15 times a day. Children, on the other hand, may laugh 400 or more times. Interesting, isn’t it, that somewhere between childhood and adulthood we lose 385 laughs a day! The point is simple—let’s experience life fully!!

Some of the more enjoyable times of life are centered around laughter. Laughter is healthy and it helps us to celebrate life.  Laughter reminds us not to take ourselves so seriously and to keep things in perspective.

Over the years I have discovered it’s hard to be angry with someone when you are laughing with them. It’s easier to smile when you’re laughing than to frown. I’ve learned that laughter simply feels good.

Children do have something to teach us. Let’s laugh a little more often in our lives.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

With Grace,