Lonnie & Fran Turner - Wednesday, May 4, 6:15 p.m.

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Fran & Lonnie Turner

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa

Hometown: Harlan County, Ky.

Commissioned: 1995

As CBF field personnel, Fran and Lonnie Turner invest their expertise and gifts from CBF to help the people of Sub-Saharan Africa have access to uncontaminated water.

They dig boreholes, a form of water wells, for villagers in Zambia’s bush. With a dependable supply of fresh water, villagers can do better than survive seasons of death-dealing drought. A steady supply of uncontaminated water is also the missing ingredient to securing Zambians against water-borne illness, from diarrhea to cholera.

"Fran and I grew up with poverty," Lonnie Turner said. "As we review our own pilgrimages, we can see the importance of education in our lives. We also had caring people around us to offer assistance. With access to clean water, sanitation and primary health care, you can turn around a community’s future. When people have access to certain resources, it gives them and their families and their communities hope. It can affect a whole nation. As believers and followers of Christ, we must be people of hope."