DiscipleNow Report

On the weekend of March 25-27 our youth participated in DiscipleNow. DNow, is a weekend for youth to strengthen their relationships with one another, have fun and participate in Bible study. This weekend, our music was lead by UK's BCM worship team, who were also Bible study leaders along with other college students. A highlight from the weekend, was the fun that the youth had in the amazing race.This was a race on Saturday where youth competed against each other. Some of their challenges included, taking flowers to church members, helping a stranger, getting people to sing YMCA in a restaurant and eating sardines.

Something we did differently this year, was "LABC's Got Talent", a time where youth could choose a workshop to attend in order to discover how their talents could be used in the youth group. These workshops included: Jam session, where youth could play with the band; Leadership training, where leaders learned their role and planned Sunday's service; Creative Reading, where youth saw how powerful scripture reading can be; Interpretive movement, youth learned a way to worship through movement; and Multi-media, where youth took pictures over the weekend and created a slide show.

Later Saturday night, was our worship service that the worship team led in music, leaders shared their testimonies, and we shared communion. Youth were then asked to reflect on their own testimonies, and shared those on Sunday morning. This weekend went better than we could have ever expected. God worked through our leaders and youth in unimaginable ways.  As a result of this weekend here are a few things that we see: We see a tight knit group of teenagers who are supportive of one another and care about each other, our leaders are more defined and are taking on their responsibilities in the youth group, each youth has an identity and a way in which they contribute to the group, and we see a group that is choosing to be set apart by choosing God.

This weekend would not have been a success if it weren't for everyone who helped. We cannot thank everyone enough for their time, money and prayers. We could not have done it without you. We hope you see how big of a difference you are making in the lives of our youth. They are an amazing group who love each other and this church. 

Thank you for encouraging us and them, 

Kelsey, Justin, and Kyle

The DiscipleNow Team
Many thanks to all the youth and adults who helped make DiscipleNow a success:

Bible Study Leaders

Middle School Boys
Jacob Sims, Campbellsville
Alex Boswell, UK

Middle School Girls
Claire Heitzman, UK
Auburn Wiggington, UK

High School Boys
John Bishop, UK
John Vick, UK

High School Girls
Mariah Fosdick, EKU
Ashley Offutt, EKU

LABC’s Got Talent!

Jam Session
Sam Price
UK BCM Worship Band, leaders

Hannah Sims
Hannah Straton
Mary Cait Rolph
David Valentine
Kyle Bottoms, leader
Ashley Offutt, leader, EKU

Creative Reading
McKenzie Wash
Taryn Abbott
Paul Robertson
Micah Price
Shawna Stomberger, leader
Rosalind Campbell, leader

Interpretive Movement
Megan Rice
Amanda Bennett
Laken Thomas
Raven Newcomb
Bryan Kidd, leader, EKU

Ashley Rice
Christian Crank
Justin Johnson
Sierra Smith
Keith Stillwell, leader

Host Homes
Jennifer Valentine, coordinator
John and Shawna Stomberger
John and Jill Robertson
Tao and Jamie Costello

Transportation Team

Rosalind Campbell, coordinator
Amy Miller
Ranea Gibson
David Farmer
Dianne Stillwell
Michelle Smith
Duane Campbell

Food Team
Amy Miller, coordinator
Chris and Stacie Herron
Stephanie Griffin
Rosalind Campbell
Anita Baskin
Sue Smith

Amazing Race
Stacie Herron, coordinator
Callie Minks
Dianne Stillwell

Tara Farmer

Youth Ministers
Kyle Bottoms
Justin Johnson
Kelsey Stillwell´╗┐