Stewardship - In the Beginning

In the beginning God created Heaven and earth (Gen 1:1).  The earth and everything in it is the Lord’s and he placed man in the Garden of Eden to “till it and look after it” (Gen 2:15).  Thus, one of man’s first assignments was to be a steward of the earth.  God also gave man “dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the cattle, all wild animals on land, and everything that creeps on the earth” (Gen 1:26; Ps 8:6-8).  Dominion implies responsibility to care for as well as permission to use, therefore, man is to be a steward of all living things, both domestic and wild.

Jesus said that we must give an account of our stewardship faithfulness (Mt 25:19).  Has man been a faithful steward of the earth?  The Lord, speaking through Jeremiah (Jer 2:7), accused Israel of being a poor steward when He said, “I brought you into a fertile land to enjoy its fruit and every good thing in it; but when you entered my land you defiled it and made loathsome the home I gave you.”  Speaking through Micah (Mic 7:13) He said “the earth will be a waste because of its inhabitants; this will be as their deeds deserve.”  With the current world environmental, social, and spiritual conditions, one could certainly conclude that the prophecy of Hosea is reaching fulfillment in our time for he says, “—the Lord has a charge to bring against the inhabitants of the land:  There is no good faith or loyalty, no acknowledgement of God in the land.  People swear oaths and break them; they kill and rob and commit adultery; there is violence, one deed of blood after another.  Therefore the land will be desolate and all who live in it will languish, with wild beasts and the birds of the air; even the fish will vanish from the sea” (Hos 4:1b-3).

Mankind has not been a good steward of the earth and presently has the ability and power to do greater good or greater harm to the earth and all of its inhabitants than ever before in history.  It is crucial for God’s people to be the “leaven” for mankind to bring about good stewardship of the earth.  Are we, God’s people, being good stewards?

The Stewardship Committee
Feb 2011