Pastor's Pen, April 2011

Wow!! What a great service we had this past Sunday as our youth led us in experiencing the presence of God!  With honesty, sincerity, passion, and love they shared what they learned during their DNow weekend.  I was, and still am, deeply moved by this tremendous worship experience.

Many of you have shared similar thoughts with me.  Thank you for doing so.  If you haven’t already shared your appreciation or your thoughts about the worship service with our youth and our youth ministers, let me encourage you to do so.  Let’s encourage and uplift each other as we travel on this faith journey together.

And allow me to say thanks to our youth ministers—Justin, Kyle, and Kelsey.  They put a lot of planning into this event for our youth and their hard work was evident.  The leaders they brought in to work with our youth did a great job and the band was superb.  We are truly blessed to have such a great group leading and ministering to our youth on a weekly basis.  

I am confident that this will enhance our journey through the Lenten season as we move to Holy Week and Easter in the next few weeks.

Thanks, youth and youth ministers, for helping us to know the joy of Christ’s love!!

Blessed beyond measure,


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