Thank You Notes February 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Praise God for the over 5.5 million shoe box gifts collected in the USA and the some 8.2 million worldwide. That is 8.2 million opportunities for boys and girls and their families around the world globe to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Note: Lexington Avenue Baptist contributed 109 shoe boxes to to Operation Christmas Child.

I want to give you 40 good reasons why your recent gifts to Baptist Seminary of Kentucky makes a difference. They are:

Judy, Morehead
Priscila, Brazil
Kathy, Georgetown
Amy, Lexington
Rebecca, Hodgenville
Derek, Berea
Sara, Louisville
Nora, Lexington
Alix, Winchester
Jim, Louisville
Mark, Lexington
Emily, Missouri
Leo, Lexington
Sherry, Lexington
Steve, Crestwood
Don, Georgetown
Allyson, Crestwood
Roger, Somerset
Jessica, Somerset
Paul, Louisville
Brittany, Danville
Melvin, Shelbyville
Jarrod, Louisville
Rodney, Georgetown
Sara, Maysville
Andrew, Lexington
Daniel, Louisville
Trish, Crestwood
Jim, Versailles
Charlie, Georgetown
Darrell, Stanton
Jon, Louisville
Jeremy, Lexington
Paul, Lexington
Kevin, Berea
David, Lexington
Adam, Lexington
Chuck, Lexington
Kendrick, Louisville
Jeff, Lexington

On behalf of our 40 students this fall, we are most grateful for your gift to us. As we recall God’s gift of the Christ Child, we hope that you will have meaningful spiritual moments and enjoyable family times in this Christmas season. 

In faith, hope and love,

Greg C. Earwood
President, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky´╗┐