“First Gift” Sunday, December 18

Give a Christmas Gift to Christ

We all give gifts at Christmas time to family, friends, and even ourselves. It seems altogether proper and fitting to give a special gift to Christ, and that it should be the ‘first gift’ that we give for Christmas. This is an opportunity to thank the Lord for his great gift to us and  to remember the gifts brought by the Wise Men with an offering.

The ‘First Gift’ (checks and money) may be placed in your regular offering envelopes or the envelopes provided, or may be wrapped as with other Christmas gifts. The gifts will be brought to the front of the church and placed in or around a manger near the Christmas tree.

Giving to Christ first can be a blessing for the family and a teachable moment for the children. Children may bring gifts suitable for small children (such as a baby gift to the baby Jesus) and these will be made available to needy children in the community. Adults may wish to give gifts of approximately the amount given to immediate family members. Some may wish to give more because of special blessings received and a spirit of generosity.

The First Gift is a gift to the church and would be over and above the normal tithes and offerings and is to be a willing and joyful gift to Christ.