Neighborhood Christmas Outreach

On Wedensday night, November 30, we delivered 100 Christmas Outreach packets to our neighbors surrounding the church. These packets included: An invitation card to Advent/Christmas Bible study and worship at LABC; the new Common English translation of the New Testament with Christmas cover; an Advent Devotional Book written by our members; The December edition of the Key newsletter which includes all of our Advent/Christmas activities; a candy cane; and a book for children, On the Way to Bethlehem: A Child's Storybook for Christmas.

Thanks  to Clara Bowen for coordinating the outreach and to all who delivered the packets: Chip Minks, Tao Costello, Ernest Martin, Elizabeth Bibb, Dianne Stillwell, Donna Pierce, Greg Schepman, Donna Schepman, Matt Vonderbrink, Holly Vonderbrink, Duane Campbell, Rosalind Campbell, Preston Wright, Linda Wright, David Bibb, Ken Wall, Pauline Wall, Grace Sheene, Elizabeth Lyons, Sam Price, Jonathan Durall, Hannah Sims, David Valentine, Will Arnold, Darrell Johnson, and Justin Johnson.

Thanks to Bernard and Carolyn Montgomery for delivering home baked loaves of bread to our new members.

Thank you,