Chris Herron: Stewardship Testimony

When I moved to Danville back in June 2003 I knew very few people and had only a handful of friends. My wife, Stacie, and I started attending LABC and then I instantly had hundreds of friends through an extended LABC family who cared about me, were interested in me, and prayed for me. I have made many of my closest friends through my participation in church softball and through attending Sunday school. I have received so much from the church over the past 8 years. I have gotten married, been baptized, joined the church, and had two beautiful daughters.
LABC has taken such an interest in me and my family, and I feel in return that I should give my time, talent, and money to the church to help others just like me. LABC offers so many programs and services for its members, the community, and to people in other countries through its missions program.  Since my daughter, Emery, was born we have taken advantage each week of the nursery provided by the church, then later the Sunday school and extended services. We are now using the nursery again for Laney, our newborn. Emery actively participates in Vacation Bible School, parents’ night out, the summer block party, fall carnival, and other children’s activities.  All of these programs and activities need volunteers, people offering their many talents, and money to succeed and thrive.
My family and I get so much from LABC. I feel the least I can do it try and give back. I love volunteering with the church through its many programs and other activities.Through volunteering I have made even more friendships and have gotten to really know many wonderful people. I do not have as much time as I used to but I still try and make time for LABC. Volunteering is just one way I can give back.. Talent wise I am not a good carpenter or designer. I am not that mechanically inclined nor am I a good singer or the best prayer. I do, however, feel like I am able to relate to our youth and try and actively participate in youth functions such as acting as a chaperone on trips, helping with DNOW, and serving on the Youth Ministry Search Team. Participating in these type activities by sharing your time and talents will make a difference in our church.  Everyone is talented at something. Not everyone has as much time as others.  However, it is important that we make time for our church and share our talents.
I did not understand how important money was to the operation of our church until I served on the Youth Ministry Search Team. We had to review our church budget when deciding full time verses part-time youth minister. I constantly found myself reading the church bulletin to see the weekly offering given each week. I grew alarmed when we were not receiving enough to meet our budget. LABC is not a business, however, and it needs money to survive and to be able to offer the wide array of programs and services not only to our members, but also to our community at large. I took the Giving Campaign very seriously and continue to actively give to support our church. Not everyone is able to contribute as much financially as others and that is okay. I contribute financially as much as I can and encourage others to do the same. Unlike other investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate your investment in LABC is a safe investment.  You are sure to get back at least threefold whatever you put into it.I know my investment has paid off!