Neighborhood Fall Festival, October 26

Fall Festival, Wednesday, October 26, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Fun Free Event for Children, Families, and Neighbors!
Lots of games, prizes, and candy for kids. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for children, teens, and adults.
Theme: Alice in Wonderland.
Planet 56 (5th & 6th Graders) will read a Christian version of Lewis Carrol’s, Alice in Wonderland.
Puppets will perform, “Zacchaeus.” 

Health Fair Screenings

WOW! Cannot believe it is that time again. Fall is here. Any help with the preparation of our annual Fall Festival would be greatly appreciated. Please start bringing in candy to the church office. The children’s ministry team decided our theme for this year would be Alice in Wonderland from a Biblical Perspective. PLANET 56 will be reading the Christian version of Lewis Carrol’s masterpiece. If you would like to help with painting props, decorating or coming up with ideas please let me know. I am excited to make this a fun and meaningful experience for the children and our neighbors. Sign Up sheets will be brought to your Sunday School classes.