Thank You Notes January 2011

To Our LABC Family,

On behalf of the whole Farmer and Minks families, I want to thank you for the thoughts, prayers, cards, e-mails, calls, food, love, and support we received as we dealt with the passing of my mother. Thanks, also, to Henry and Faye Wilson; Bernard and Carolyn Montgomery; and our Milestone Sunday school class for placing Gideon bibles in honor of Lorraine Farmer. Thanks to Phil Quinn, and David and Betty Gayle Williams for making the 300 mile trip to Virginia to be with us at the funeral. We shouldn’t be surprised, but still are in awe and humbled at the caring that comes from our church. Thanks again, and as Brenda says, “we love you all”.



Dr. Valentine,

Thank you for the nice meal which was delivered to me for Thanksgiving. It was delicious. I appreciate the thoughtfulness.


Rosemary McIntosh


Dear Church family,

Pauline and I want to thank you for the love and concern that was shown to us through the prayers, cards, calls, visits, food, and flowers during my recovery from the surgery.

A simple thank you seems very inadequate, however, thank you again for your TLC.

Ken & Pauline Wall



Thank you so much for your support of the Shrine Hospital. Happy Holidays to all.

Masonic Bodies of Danville



The Advent Devotional Books, which the congregation received November 28, were not the work of one person. There are many who made it possible. First and foremost are the 29 writers who took the time to compose and submit a devotional. Thanks are due also to Malinda Smith for proofreading and editing the final copy; to  David and Elizabeth Bibb, Barbara Hill, and Cari Rice for assembling the books. This took the greater part of two days; and most importantly to Gail singleton for finalizing the assemblage which is no easy task. Getting the pages in the proper order and making 500 copies takes a great deal of expertise and Gail has it!

It is the hope of all these that our church members will read, enjoy, and appreciate the 2010 Advent Devotional Book. Merry Christmas!

Evelyn Crooke



Thank you for the good dinner on Sunday. It really felt like we were having a celebration of Thanksgiving. We all have a reason to be thankful but we sometimes forget to say “thank you”.  I am thankful for a good dinner and fellowship. Thank you for your gift to us.

Daphne Silha (McDowell Place resident)



Lexington Avenue Baptist Church

I am sending this note to thank you all for the calls, cards, visits, flowers, food, gifts, and especially all your thoughts and prayers. Reading all my cards kept me busy. The phone calls kept me in touch. The visits made me smile and laugh. The flowers perked up my room. Your kindness was deeply appreciated. I am so thankful for such a loving Church Family. Again, THANK YOU for keeping me occupied during my “down time.” I LOVE YOU ALL. 

With a grateful heart

Maria Rice



The Ruth Class would like to thank the Women of the Word Sunday School for helping with the Ruth Class Open House on Sunday, December 19.



Dear LABC Family,

The Layton family appreciates all the love, prayers and support given to us during J.D.’s battle with cancer. Thank each of you for visits, food, gifts to our church and Heritage Hospice in his memory. You helped make it possible for us to care for him and let him die at home. We are blessed with loving family and friends.


Anna Layton & family



Dear LABC family,

Thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes, hugs and support, smiles and food. It all adds up to a much better “surgery experience”!  I am so blessed to be a part of you and I look forward to serving you again VERY soon on the piano bench!

Love, Martha Robertson



Dear LABC family,

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. The love offering is so very appreciated, and so are the hugs and smiles I see every week. We love you all!

Martha Robertson



Dear LABC,

I cannot begin to thank you, all of you for your love and support for my dear father, Ray Bruns. Tommy Valentine and all the staff were so wonderful to my father and my mother. Thank you for the dinner you held after my father’s service-it meant so much to me and my family. I will be forever grateful for the love they had with their church family. They both passed in peace with Christ at their side.

Fondly, Patti Strickler



Church family,

Think you so much for your generous love offering gift this Christmas. I appreciate your thinking of me.

Linda Harmon



Thank you for the generous Christmas love offering, for the cards and notes, for the tasty goodies and for your many expressions of kindness this Christmas season. We appreciate your support and encouragement.

LABC Church Staff