Pastor Jean-Marie KASONGO

Pastors Tommy and Keith and dear friends of LABC,

It’s a great pleasure to send this biographical presentation to you in order to introduce my family to LABC brothers and sisters, in and also to Pastor Tommy Valentine. The truth is some of you may already know me, as I know Pastor Keith, Brenda, Martha and others.

I Give thanks to God who blessed me and Blanche, my wife, to serve him as pastor in our church. Is been 13 years (1996-2010) I’m praying for that, after I’ve felt call of God for service. I pray God to help me and my family to be worthy of his confidence.

I’m from Congo Kinshasa, 43 years; I’m married with Blanche, from Congo Brazzaville. By the grace of God, we had two children:  Chrisbon, 3 years old and Elhman 7 months. Blanche and I, we encountered at university here in Morocco.

But, I have my self, two daughters I’ve got in my very young age (it was a courant or usual situation for the young in my born city), before I got married and before I knew Jesus Christ. They both live in Congo. The elder, Claris, 24 years, undergraduate degree and my second daughter, Rachel, 21 years, has finished with college this year. Blanche and I, we love them, we help them when our help is needed and we always pray for them.

According to pastor ministry, the national committee of our church have put in perspectives the following plan. I will serve as “Pastor” about two years. After that, my family and I will be sent for seminary for two years in an African Country. Then we will be back in Morocco to serve as Pastor.

Meanwhile, I give praises to the Lord for our common aim to continue our friendship and partnership.   Since we’ve started our partnership, I am particularly involved in the exchanges we had. God will help us in this partnership.

May God bless you and bless all yours activities this year.

Jean-Marie KASONGO