Letter from Protestant Church of Rabat Morocco presented by Helge at LABC

Rabat, August 29, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters of LABC,

We offer your our warmest greetings as your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Today, we are delighted to celebrate together the coming together of our choirs and the common joy of shared concerts presented in various communities (across Kentucky).

We are also happy for Helge and Christiano who come to you from our congregation.  We hope their presence can make up for the absence of correspondence over the past several months.  Please don’t think that our silence represents a lack of interest in our relationship.  You are very dear to us and we think of your continually.  Frequently and on many different occasions, we mention you in our gatherings – Keith, Brenda, and Pastor Tommy, even if we have not yet met him, …  Our love and admiration for you remain constant.

Concerning the news from our community, we are doing well.  The Lord continues to bless his church.  We see his presence and help through significant changes in the lives of our members, their dynamism, and their deep commitment to the ministry of the church.

The meeting we had in May, the one to which we invited you, went very well.  It took place in Ifrane and 50 persons participated in it. 

We also celebrated the baptism of six people at the end of May, among them Amine Madang whom you know and who chairs our sister church committee.

We are pleased to offer you some small gifts to mark the arrival of Helge and Christiano in your midst:

1) a tea service including a tray, a Moroccan teapot, twelve glasses (representing the apostles), and a sugar bowl.

In Morocco, the serving of tea holds an important place culturally – in family settings and in official gatherings.  Hospitality and welcome are expressed through tea.  Thus, for your part, every time you receive visitors and you use this tea service, we hope that you will think of us and the affection we hold for you in the Lord.

2) Dates:  We are in the middle of the month of Ramadan right now in Morocco.  Dates and other sweets are eaten at the breaking of the fast at the end of each day so that the believers regain their strength.  For Christians, Christ is, of course, the one who brings the law to accomplishment.  We find our strength in him.  Additionally, dates are offered to the King to welcome him when he travels around the country of Morocco.  By these dates, we demonstrate our devotion to Christ and our desire to be subject to him as our King.

3) Two boxes of Moroccan tea:  We hope that Pastor Karen (if she has time) will show you how to prepare the tea.

We look forward to future activities together which the Lord will certainly inspire.

Know that our friendship for you in Christ is sure.

Your brothers and sisters of the EEAM, Rabat (via their sister church committee)