Letter from Pastor Basile Zouma, Rabat, Morocco

Beloved brothers and sisters of LABC, Good morning!

It is with a great joy that i'm greeting you this morning in the name of our Lord Jesus, and on behalf of our congregation: The Evangelical Church of Morocco Branch of Rabat.

It has been more than a year now, since we have decided to work together, in one spirit, for the salvation of the souls according to the plan of God. In spite of being miles away, we have learned to know and love one another! .... We have learned to pray together for the world and for one another! We appreciate your kind collaboration and all you are doing for the glory of our father in heaven.

On this special day of october 7th, 2007; when the people of GOD celebrates the feast of ingathering , our prayer is:
     1- That we still together work hand to hand with JESUS-CHRIST in the harvest;
     2- That each one try to present himself to GOD as one approved, a workman or workwoman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the words of truth. ( 1 tim 2:15 ).
May the almighty God bless each one of you!