Jesus said, "you will be my witnesses
in Jerusalem,
in all Judea and Samaria,
and to the ends of the earth."



For the many in the early Christian church, Jerusalem was the social, political, and economic center of their world. In a sense the church was born in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is home.

For Lexington Avenue Baptist Church our Jerusalem is Danville/Boyle County.

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Jerusalem was a city within Judea. Judea was the surrounding area, the southern region of Palestine. Perhaps something like the city of Danville in the state of Kentucky.

For Lexington Avenue Baptist Church our Judea is Nada, Kentucky.

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Samaria was an adjoining region to the north of Judea. Many of Jesus' fellow Jews, and probably even Jesus' disciples, did not like Samaritans. They were thought to be of the wrong race, religion, culture, and nationality.

For Lexington Avenue Baptist Church, we might think of our Samaria as those people who are not like us whatever that may mean, or those who are oppressed or hurting, or those who are disliked by others. Jesus gave us the example by loving all people especially the unloved.

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Ends of the Earth

For the early Christians the Ends of the Earth would include everywhere else and everybody else, or at least, in their minds to the far reaches of the Roman Empire.

For Lexington Avenue Baptist Church our ends of the earth includes Rabat, Morocco. The church is also involved in ministry trips and partnerships in Central Asia, Haiti, Russia, and other areas around the world.

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