The Austin Roberts Concert Series


This series is named for former pastor, Dr. Austin Roberts.  Dr. Roberts was pastor of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church from 1964 to 1981.  His love of church music and his capability at the keyboard served as a catalyst in the commissioning of the Möller Organ.  This on-going series features outstanding church organists and musicians from across the nation. 

Previous Concerts

March 11, 2012: Rusty Bird with Sanctuary Choir, Ervin Farmer, Lois Baltzer, and Martha Robertson (program)(video clips)

September 19, 2010: Dan & Page Weeks, Katie Lay Anderson, & Debbie Baker Harman (program)

February 8, 2009: Albin Whitworth (program)

November 25, 2007: Albin Whitworth

September 24, 2006: Debbie Baker Harman (program)

April 23, 2006: Amy Baltzer Thiaville (program)

July 31, 2005: Rusty Bird & Quartet (program)

April 17, 2005: Albin Whitworth (program)

April 29, 2001: Nuances String Quartet (program)

October 21, 2001: Nevalyn Moore (program)

April 30, 2000: Dr. Jonathan Crutchfield (program)

October 15, 2000: Danville Children's Choir (program)

October 17, 1999: Whitworth, Bowles, Dupont, Mullholland (program)

Rusty Bird in Concert, March 11, 2012- What a Friend We Have in Jesus