Advent Devotionals: Sunday, December 7

Anita Baskin

Sunday, Second Week of Advent: Peace
December 7, 2014
Light the Candle of Peace

Scripture: “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.” Psalm 62:5

As far back as I can remember, my father began each day with his Bible and a hot cup of coffee, enjoying a time of solitary study and prayer in the pre-dawn darkness. As a child, I slept through this morning ritual for most of the year – until the Christmas season. After the tree went up each December, Dad moved his morning meditations to the living room, where he sat quietly by the glow of the Christmas tree lights. I don't recall exactly when I first joined Dad in his tree-side reverie, but over time I became a regular fixture next to him on the sofa, wrapped in a cozy afghan, gazing sleepily at the twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments. We didn’t speak much during those many December mornings, but it was enough just to sit quietly in my father's warm presence, feeling safe and secure and loved. What I didn’t know until I was much older was that Dad looked forward to those mornings even more than I did.

As the year winds down and we find ourselves surrounded by a whirlwind of activity, moments of peace and quiet can seem few and far between. This Advent season, will you allow yourself time to just sit quietly in the Father’s warm presence, feeling safe and secure and loved? I promise you, He’s looking forward to it even more than you are.

Prayer: Father, in this busy season of hope and celebration, help us to seek the peace and renewal that come from spending quiet moments alone with you.