Advent Devotionals: Monday, December 22

Kate Valentine

Monday, Fourth Week of Advent: Love
December 22, 2014

Love is an odd concept. It is not tangible, but you can feel it emotionally towards another person or from another person. It is not a miracle medicine that cures diseases, but it helps one to go through such an awful experience, knowing that you have someone by your side cheering you on. It does not have the ability to stop things from happening that we do not want to happen, but it helps one to cope through hard times. Sometimes it seems to be the only answer, and other times, it doesn’t even seem like a possibility. No one can prove that love fixes anything at all, but if you think about it, it has the possibility to fix everything. It makes everything feel easier; it works as a relaxation aid. If everyone could just try to love one another, the world would become a more peaceful, loving place. If you think about it, The Beatles might have just been right when they said, “All you need is love.”