Advent Devotionals: Sunday, December 14

Brenda Farmer

Sunday, Third Week of Advent: Joy
December 14, 2014
Light the Candle of Joy


The Christmas traditions for the Farmers begin with “The Hanging of the Green”. This ceremony is for all the young at heart at LABC. Advent is always a magical time for me. The Christmas music with choir and orchestra, the children’s Christmas play, the hearing of the Christmas story, as if for the first time, at the Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve. The Joy of Family and friends is worshipping together in this most Holy Season, as we lift our lighted candles to Heaven, to honor the Christ Child who came to save us and give us everlasting life. Joy to the World!

Christmas morning at the Farmer’s house is an event that most people might call a “little over the top”, but for us it is an event to behold. If you care to join us, just show up about 9:00 on Christmas morning and join in the festivities. We guarantee a good time!

First, Part I.

We gather around the “real” Christmas tree decorated with mostly ornaments from all our Christmas pasts. There is almost no room to sit because of all the presents. Now, don’t go thinking we have spent way more than we should, for our gifts usually have real meaning to them in ways other than monetary. First of all, we do draw names with a limit on the cost. Adults and kids draw separately. There is no telling what someone might receive, and sometimes they still don’t know what it is after they open it. Each gift is opened one at a time so that we can savor our quality time together, and so gifts won’t be lost in all the frenzy. The excitement and laughing is music to my ears.

Next: Part II, Breakfast.

Now Breakfast is a light meal with healthy food. NOT! There’s country ham, bacon and sausage, biscuits and gravy, scrambled chicken embryos, donuts, coffee, juice, milk and hot cider. Oh, I forgot the hot chocolate. After everyone is full as a tick and the kitchen cleaned, we adjourn back to the Christmas tree and have,

Part III. Door Prizes.

This is where the fun really begins. There are prizes for all adults and prizes for the grandchildren. All gifts have been chosen with utmost care and thoughtfulness by Ervin and me. Each person draws a number dedicated to an adult or child. Such gifts for adults may include, but not limited to, things such as: a 5 lb. can of pork n beans, 10 lbs. of macaroni, 36 rolls of toilet tissue, 48 oz. bottle of BEANO, (Hopefully won by the spouse of whoever got the pork n beans), and many other coveted items. The grandchildren receive funny prizes including kazoos, harmonicas, drums, skunk, pig and coon skin hats, and the most popular, “whoopee cushions”, which they all fight over. Now, comes,

Part IV, The Christmas Stockings.

Our Christmas stockings are hung by the chimney with care, all 22 of them. Family members, plus any who have lived with us at some time or other, has a stocking. Not much in them, but a symbol of our love each one who has brought love and joy to our lives.

Our Christmas is truly blessed with the sounds of Love, Laughter, and Family. The Joy of
these is a gift from God. For above all, we give praise to the One who has given these gifts
of Love, Laughter and Family, but the Most Wonderful Gift of All was a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.

May your Christmas be blessed with love, laughter and the Joy of knowing Jesus Christ.

I love you all!