Advent Devotional: Saturday, December 8

Dianne Stillwell

First Week of Advent: Hope
Saturday, December 8, 2012

God’s Time

"Every word I’ve spoken to you will come true on time- God’s time." Luke 1: 20b (The Message)

Zachariah, an older priest; Elizabeth, his barren wife; together they lived honorably before God, careful in keeping to the ways of the commandments. As Zachariah was carrying out his priestly duties in the sanctuary of God, an angel of God appeared near the altar. Zachariah was afraid!
Gabriel: “Don’t be afraid. Your prayer has been heard. Your wife will bear a son! You are to name him John. Many will delight in his birth. He will achieve greatness with God. He will get the people ready for God.”
Zachariah: No way! You’ve got to be kidding! You make me laugh! Do you expect me to believe this?
Gabriel: I am a messenger of God, sent to bring you this good news. Because you do not believe me, you will not be able to speak until after your son’s birth. Every  word I’ve spoken, will come true on time--God’s time.
God’s Time. As I read this story again recently, the words ‘God’s Time’ jumped off the page to me. I recently met God’s Time, the 4 year old son of Michelle, a migrant woman in Rabat, Morocco. Yes, that was his name. As I say his name again, God’s Time, I am struck by the hopeful vision of his mother. Why did Michelle choose this name for her adorable son? A young, beautiful woman from a sub-Saharan country, far from her homeland, in search of safety, security, refuge, freedom, and better opportunities for herself and her son. Every word I’ve spoken will come true on time-God’s Time. Though her journey is hard and full of pain, she named her son, God’s Time. Why would she name him this? I wish now I had asked her how she had decided upon this name, God’s Time. I can only speculate. Perhaps it is because she loves her God with all her heart and places her faith in Him to keep his word- in God’s time. Her hope rests in her Savior.
Everything the angel told Zachariah did come true, just as he said. Zachariah was left unable to speak until after John’s birth. Elizabeth and Zachariah were blessed and she bore a child late in life, against the odds.  John played a very important role in preparing the way for the Lord, just as God had planned. He got his people ready.  Jesus came to be our Savior, just as foretold. Though we may be unsure of our road ahead and anxious, we can place our faith and hope in the one who keeps every word-in God’s time.

Prayer: Lord of All, thank you for the beautiful example of faith, as seen by Fatima. May she and her son, God’s Time, experience your love this Christmas. Grant them safety, security, refuge, freedom, and a hopeful future. May we, too, be daily reminded of the peace and hope that comes only from You, for we know that your words will come true on time-God’s time.