Advent Devotional: Thursday, December 6

Melodee Quinn

First Week of Advent: Hope       
Thursday, December  6, 2012

When I think of “Hope” I have to say “What in the world would we do without it?”  I personally can’t imagine how people can go through difficult situations without hope.
God’s promise of hope is what has gotten me through the most difficult times of my life.  When we are going through the tough times it is our human nature to say, “Why me?  Why now?  I don’t understand why?
Thank God that He sees and knows our future and sees the whole big picture!  We only are a small piece of the puzzle.  God is in heaven controlling our destiny.  Yes, God says trials will come.  However, we are not in them alone.  God is working all things out for our good.  We just might not be able to see the whole picture as soon as we desire or in the way we think it should be.  God can take a bad situation and use it for our good, His good and His glory.  Don’t worry, God is in charge; we have hope.  Our minds are limited, God is infinite.  He knows all and created everything.  Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not and God takes care of them.  In Luke 12:6 God states He even cares for the sparrows and knows how many hairs are on each head and we are worth more than that.  We are his precious children.  God cares.  All things work together for those who love the Lord.  He sent us the Hope of Jesus our Savior.
Our citizenship is in heaven.  This life is only temporary.  We have eternal life.  How can we not have hope when God himself tells us in Revelation how this ends!  The hope of heaven-Blessed by You!