Advent Devotional: Saturday, December 22

Hazel Brant

Third Week of Advent: Joy
Saturday, December 22, 2012

Scripture:  I John 3:18-24


The joy that comes from the love I give
And the love that comes from you
Will always fill my life with glee
And help me see it through.
You show the way when I’m in doubt;
You give me hope each day.
With love I give my thanks to you,
Each time I kneel to pray.
When I fall short of who I am
You put me back on track,
I feel your arms and gentle hands
That pat me on the back.
And then no time from dusk to dawn
That I forget your love,
I see it in the darkest clouds,
And in the stars that shine above.
I hear it in a caring voice;
I smell it in a flower,
I know you are with me all the time,
Yes, hour after hour!
The Joy that comes from the love I give
Is the greatest of all things
Except for that which you give back
And all that prayer brings.


Prayer:  Dear Lord, help us to spread Joy and Love to everyone around the world.  Amen