Advent Devotional: Wednesday, December 7

Phil Quinn

Second Week of Advent: Peace
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

“Peace Be With You”

Christmas is a very busy time, perhaps even the busiest time of year.  In addition to our regular busy lives, we try to add in Christmas shopping, decorating, church services, parties with family and friends, sending cards, and so on.  I confess that most years I get so involved with the “busy-ness” of Christmas that I tend to ignore the true “business” of Christmas.

During the Season of Christmas, it may be difficult to find peace within this busy time.  Peace is often the thing we say we’ll have AFTER the Christmas Season is over and everything gets back to normal.

However, let me suggest an idea; - perhaps we can find peace AS WE GO through this busy season.  Perhaps we can have a peaceful attitude as we hustle and bustle and run and shop.  As we go through each busy day, keep in mind that the reason we are doing all of this stuff is to share the great love God has for all of us by sending this blessed little bundled-up baby-boy gift.  That Jesus is the greatest gift – who made living forever in heaven possible; who made being forgiven and living life free from the heaviness of guilt possible.

So...go on!  Do it all!  Find all the sales,  charge up those cards, get to every party, drive a million miles to all the family gatherings...but in the going and doing and rushing, keep in mind and heart the peace of knowing why you’re doing all of this.  Underlying and inside of your hectic pace, let your subconscious repeat over and over, “thank you, God, for your great gift of love –may I give a little of this love to everyone I see and to every place I go.”

...”And may the love and peace of God be with you, both now and forevermore.” 2 Corinthians 13:11