Advent Devotional: Thursday, December 22

Hazel Brant

Fourth Week of Advent: Love
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scripture:  1 Corinthians 13:1-13

         Love is a tiny seed
         God planted in the mind;
         It blooms into flowers
         And makes a person kind.

         Love is compassionate,
         Has hope for those who fall;
         Love is the effective
         Most Christ-like way of all.

         Love is not resentful,
         It really forgives,
         It brings great happiness
         To those with whom it lives.

         Love is ever patient,
         It’s found in trustful hearts;
         It is most unselfish,
         The finest of all arts.

         Love is like the sunshine,
         It shines on good and bad,
         It dissipates the darkness
         And makes the whole world glad!

         Love is the child-like way,
         Secure in Father’s care,
         For God is almighty,
         His love is everywhere.

Prayer:  Dear God, help us to spread joy and love around the whole world.  Amen.