Advent Devotional: Wednesday, December 21

Edward Clark

Fourth Week of Advent: Love
Wednesday, December 21, 2011


A noted physician, specializing in cardiology, addressed a seminar on the topic of the heart as an organ of the body.  In antiseptic language, designed to focus attention on the heart as a pump, he endeavored to put to rest any notion that hearts contained emotions or sentiments.  He labored over this introductory presentation by using an in-depth explanation of engineering requisites needed to keep the heart functioning as the drive train of existence.  This went on for several minutes and when finished he asked his listeners if they had any comment to make in reference to his presentation.

In the back of the room a hand was raised and the cardiologist quickly asked for the comment.  A young intern, having listened intently to the lecture, said:  “Doctor, I have, with growing interest, listened as you, with words used as you would with your scalpel, stripped everything emotional from the heart as an organ of the body and affirmed that the only aspect of this organ is to continue the motion of pushing blood through the body.  As I listened, I began to equate what you were saying with my first wedding anniversary, which is today.  With that in mind, and citing your emphasis as expressed in your opening introduction of today’s study, I intend to arrive at home this evening, find my  lovely wife dressed to the nine’s and ready to celebrate, and while gazing into her eyes I will simply say... I love you with all of my pump!”

Love is an enigma of emotion and utilitarian function.  We equate the expression of love with the heart.  No attempt is ever made to align the expression of deep emotion to any other body organ.  We use expressions that include ‘heart felt’, or ‘broken heart’, or ‘with all of my heart’ and the list can be extended as the emotion serves as the magnet that draws us into the need for expression.

The love of God, providing for the birth of Jesus, used this instance of historic prominence to reach for mankind.  Jesus would be the last Word uttered to mankind.  All the former laws, requisites, demands, expectations and priestly ceremonies were abolished and mankind was free to embrace or reject this perfect Love as an individual who was free to make personal choices.

It is difficult to think of this sacrifice as anything but the heart of God expressing the love He has held since Eden.  We never think to say that we love Him with all of our pump.