Advent Devotional: Sunday, December 18

Stephanie Griffin

Fourth Week of Advent:  Love
Sunday, December 18, 2011
Light the Candle of Love

•    “PS I Love You”
•    “Love Me Do”
•    “All My Loving”
•    “She Loves Me”
•    “And I Love Her”
•    “Whole Lotta Love”
•    “Love Me Tender”
•    “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
•    “I Can’t Stop Loving You”
•    “What the World Needs Now”

Music fills the air around us with lyrics full of love.  This wonderful season is full of love for family, love for friends, love for people we may pass on the street.

Songs of love are not just for Christmas.  We hear love songs throughout the year.  God sang his love for us the clear, starry night that Jesus was born.  Each beautiful song sings to us of the importance of loving and being loved.

As we enter this very special season of love; my Christmas prayer will be . . . let me listen for God’s voice in each song I hear;   let each song be a reminder that God loves me whatever the season and let me love others as He has loved me.  Amen