Advent Devotional: Sunday, November 27

Kate Valentine

First Week of Advent: Hope
Sunday, November 27, 2011
Light the Candle of Hope

The crowd chants and the music starts,
They march on the field,
Hoping they’ll have a good performance.

She’s at the diving board,
In front of millions of people from all over the world.
She feels the pressure and hopes to win gold.

A little kid is at their grandparents for Thanksgiving,
They hope to get the first slice of pumpkin pie.

Charlie Brown goes trick-or-treating,
And hopes not to come out of every sidewalk saying,
“I got a rock.”

A parent comes home, sulking.
The family sits in the living room
Hoping that somebody in this family will get a job.

Two brothers sit on the ground in Africa,
Hoping someone will save them.

God is in heaven, and hopes you know
That he can hear and will help you,
No matter what.