Advent Devotional: Wednesday, December 11

Philip Quinn

Wednesday, Second Week of Advent: Peace
December 11, 2013

On Sunday morning, December 15, our Sanctuary Choir joins with the Danville Children’s Choir to sing a lyrical Christmas song, “Peace, Peace”.  The pure children’s voices begin with a soft middle-range melody, singing, “Peace, peace, peace on earth and goodwill to all...” Then our adult choir joins the children in harmony, singing, “This is a time for peace, joy, and love…” and both choirs continue in musical harmony singing, “Now let us all sing together—of peace, peace, peace on earth.”

As I look at this song, I think that probably the composer (actually the arranger) meant to write it like this—causing the music to “paint” the text.  It clearly displays musically how two different lines can live together harmonically and…in peace.