Advent Devotional: Sunday, December 8

Alberta Moynahan

Sunday, Second Week of Advent: Peace
December 8, 2013
Light the Candle of Peace

Christmas Morning

If  Bethlehem were here today,
Or this were very long ago,
There wouldn’t be a winter time
Nor any cold or snow.

I’d run out through the garden gate,
And down along the pasture walk,
And off beside the cattle barns
I’d hear a kind of gentle talk.

I’d move the heavy iron chain
And pull away the wooden pin;
I’d push the door a little bit
And tiptoe very softly in.

The pigeons and the yellow hens
And all the cows would stand away;
Their eyes would open wide to see
A lady in the manger hay.

If this were very long ago
And Bethlehem were here today.

And Mother held my hand and smiled –
I mean the lady would – and she
Would take the woolly blankets off
Her little boy so I could see.

His shut-up eyes would be asleep,
And he would look like our John,
And he would be all crumpled too,
And have a pinkish color on.

I’d watch his breath go in and out,
His little clothes would be all white,
I’d slip my finger in his hand
To feel how he could hold it tight.

And she would smile and say, “Take care,”
The mother, Mary, would, “Take care”;
And I would kiss his little hand
And touch his hair.

While Mary put the blankets back
The gentle talk would soon begin,
And when I’d tiptoe softly out
I’d meet the wise men going in.
Elizabeth Maddox Roberts

…The time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her first son and placed
him in a manger.
  Luke 2:7

When I was in second grade Elizabeth Maddox Roberts would come to read to us.  We were spell bound.  No one had to be told to be quiet.

One of my favorites then and now was Christmas Morning.  I’ve read it many times over the years.  The wonder of the child soothes me – gives me peace.  Don’t I need to worship in this same way?